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Would you like to carry Lizard Lips in your store? We have many display options to suit your available space.

To get more information email us at: LizardLips@LizardLips.net.

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<!010>Gravity Display
Gravity Display

Gravity displays are a great small footprint option that work great next to your cash register or if shelf space it tight. Each display holds 24 balms.
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<!020>Bubble Display
Bubble Display

Bubble displays are a variety display and holds 12 of each flavor for a total of 48 balms.  This allows you to carry multiple flavors and let the customers choose their favorite flavor. more info
Peg Cards
Peg Cards

Peg cards are for hanging applications.  If you already have peg set-up in your store this can be a turn-key option. more info
Tray Display
Tray Display

Tray displays hold 32 lip balms.  These are also a great option next to the cash register to if space is a bit tight. more info