Lizard Lips Lip Balm

Lizard Lips has been helping people protect their lips since the late 1990s. Based in Austin, TX, it's an all natural lip balm made from a proprietary formula that you can not get anywhere else. After many many many painstaking iterations, we believe we have the best formula available. Just the right mix of premium all natural ingredients creates that nice smooth lip balm our customers love.

Our mission is to provide premium quality natural and organic lip balm at great prices. We are working hard to make Lizard Lips available at your favorite local retailer, so look for us near your home in the future. In you can't find it nearby no need to panic, just order off the website. It's quick and easy and we offer outstanding customer service.

Thanks to all our loyal customers for all their support over the years and we look forward to continuing to provide great products and service to them and to our new customers!

What? You have never tried Lizard Lips Lip Balm?

Now is your chance! You have made it this far and only a few more clicks and some Lizard Lips Lip Balm will be on it's way to your house!

LIzard Lips Lip Balm
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